Extra Virgin Club
 Choose your plan and receive 6, 12 or 24 bottles of freshly pressed organic Tuscan olive oil every November!


- Receive your case of olive oil once a year, when it is fresh.

- Discounted rate because 1) you're a member and 2) you're helping us plan for the harvest and, finally, 3) you're super cool because you won't live without great olive oil!

- A complimentary small bottle of our 10 yr old balsamic vinegar (50ml), completely FREE of charge (2 if you take the 24 bottles option).

- Shipping is included in the price (EU, UK, USA & CAN)

- Automatic billing (but cancel whenever you like).

- Free access to our online extra virgin olive oil class (link will be on your membership card).

- 5% discount on your other purchases on www.tuscanyinabottle.com (code will be on your membership card).

NB. If you are interested in receiving the oil in time for Xmas, your subscription should be in by November 10.